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Jun 11, 2024 | All, Organisations

Data For Good Bulgaria supports representatives of the civil sector who work to solve important tasks for public benefit by providing knowledge and services related to data processing and analysis.

Our process
Determining the scope of the assignment
We approach the task from a data perspective to gain insight into project specifics and requirements. Our primary goal is to help you make a lasting positive impact, so understanding the assignment in its entirety is our first step.

Data collection and processing strategy
We understand that solving social problems sometimes involves sensitive information. In many cases, data collection and processing are even more difficult than in business-oriented projects. We carefully strategize data collection and select data sources when necessary. We help beneficiaries understand these concepts while actively building projects.

Project development and presentation of results
We connect you with volunteers to build the designed solution. We actively work with beneficiaries to ensure we are working towards the same goal. We provide the technical resources and services while the project is co-managed by the beneficiary and Data for Good.

Main areas of activity
At Data for Good, we are ready to help with any kind of data challenges that would help the public good. The following areas stand out most clearly, in which our skills have a significant positive impact.

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