The voice in your head does not stop asking »Am I the only one who is fighting for good and trying to make the world better and more human«? No, you are not alone. We are many. And we don’t just want to be the answer to this significant question. We want to be a movement for a better world, a brand that motivates you, a symbol of humanity and dignity. We want you to rethink every important decision you make. And we want to help you to make the right decisions.

That is why 士 (shì), the ancient Asian sign for samurai, gentlemen, scholar, and man of honor, became our symbol. It is the reincarnation of good virtues, values, and nobleness. We support the ones who are constantly improving themselves and the world surrounding them. Be strong. Do good. You are not alone. We are TheGoodOne.org #JoinUsNow