Thank You Corona Virus, by Riya Sokol

Apr 7, 2020

Thank you for SHAKING us and showing us, we are dependent on something much bigger than we think. ⁣ Thank you for making us APPRECIATE the luxury we lived in- abundance of products, FREEDOM, HEALTH and realising we were taking it for granted. ⁣ Thank you for STOPPING us to make us SEE how lost we were in the “busy-ness”; not having time for most basic things. Thank you for allowing us to put aside all the“problems”we thought were so important, and showing us what is ACTUALLY important.⁣ Thank you for stopping the transport. The earth was begging us to look at the pollution for a very long time… we didn’t listen.⁣ Thank you for all the FEAR- that’s been a global disease for YEARS but not many of us wanted to face it. NOW we HAVE TO face it and learn how to embrace it with love and with SUPPORT of our COMMUNITY. Thank you for this REVALUATION of our lives.⁣ Thank you as we finally understand what it means, that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.⁣ Thank you for the unity between all of us.⁣ We knew the world has to change. Thank you for helping us to undermine everything and giving us a chance to build the world from the beginning. ⁣ ⁣ THIS VIRUS IS PART OF US. IT’s BETWEEN US, IN US. IT CONNECTED US ALL. EITHER PHYSICALLY OR ENERGETICALLY. GRATITUDE SUPPORTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM BUT ALSO LETS US SEE THINGS FROM MANY PERSPECTIVES. IT’S UP TO US, WHICH PERSPECTIVE WE WILL CHOOSE. BUT BEST IS TO BE AWARE of all of THEM.


There are millions of good people out there. And we all have the same goal. We want to make this world a better place. Join us now.

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