Any content is programming the brain: books, games, talks, everyday situations, porn, live beheadings … there needs to be A) a public filter to this and B) access only to people that can handle this heavy material …
This documentary is focusing on content moderators for social media working out of Manila, Philippines. Really manages to connect the dots between Silicon Valley’s breezy disregard for social responsibility and many atrocities going on in the world. A real eye opener, drives home how the outsourcing of editorial policy to grossly unqualified and underpaid people has put all of us at risk. The directors manage to accomplish this with little or no editorializing. Just great interviews and effective editing. Hard-hitting, old-school documentary on a chilling topic. I would give it a 10, except for minor quibbles about filmmaking decisions (mostly music and soundtrack). Still, not to be missed. Gripping from start to finish.