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Feb 26, 2018 | All, Organisations

Renegade Inc.

Why Renegade Inc? 

In an era of great social and financial upheaval, some may claim our economic system has failed, but this is incorrect. The global economy is working exactly as it should, according to the rules upon which it has been set.

But voters have deliberately been kept in the dark about these rules, and therefore lack the understanding of how the system really works that is required to get ahead. This has far-reaching consequences.

The economic system we have today is based on a neoliberal model that has been rigged in favour of certain interests and has now veered beyond the control of democratic governments.

Our mission at Renegade Inc. is to explain how we got to this point so we can prevent history repeating itself. Again.

By looking at options that have not previously been considered, readers, creators, entrepreneurs,  business and community leaders can make better, more informed decisions, so that we can all begin to think differently about personal and public economic stability.

Simple Renegade Manifesto

 » Simplicity and transparency over confusing language and complexity.

» Small scale and distributed over large scale and centralised.

» Access of opportunity over monopoly and entitlement.

» Universal access to education over a commoditised education market.

» Value creation and real wealth over the creation of money and debt.

» Profit as a by-product of business over profit as the business motive.

» Conservation and collaboration over consumption and self-interest.

» Common sense and fairness over unjust rules and bureaucracy.

» Long-term working relationships over short-term financial relationships.

» Distributed democracy over representative democracy.

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There are millions of good people out there. And we all have the same goal. We want to make this world a better place. Join us now.