Never rest until you reach Everest! This is the idea of Stefan Ivanov (47) and his son Maxim Ivanov (16) from Sofia behind the name of their legendary crossing of the Atlantic ocean in a self-made rowing boat during hurricane season 2020. Maxim Ivanov also set a record to be the youngest man on earth to ever accomplish an ocean crossing by rowing. But their efforts are not only to prove to themselves and the world how mighty they are. Furthermore, they want to make awareness of a very noble cause — organ donation.

Especially in Bulgaria, their home country, organ donations, and transplantations are the lowest compared to all other European countries. Each day 20 lives could be saved by organ donations alone, and hundreds more by tissue donation.

So let’s support their act of chivalry and let’s make the plus rows to cross 4.444 nautical miles (8.230km) in 105 days be worth even more. Go, and register as an organ donor, wherever you live.

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