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Jose Mujica

Apr 9, 2021 | All, People

One of the best presidents ever! Seriously.

Jose Mujica is maybe one of the most loved people in Uruguay. He served as president from 2010 – 2015 after being long years in prison during the dictatorship period of his country. He was essentially involved in catapulting Uruguay to the top of South American in many categories like democracy, low corruption, and income equality. As the humble farmer he is, the only object of luxury was his blue VW Beetle.

Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in democracypeacelow perception of corruption,[12] e-government,[13] and is first in South America when it comes to press freedom, size of the middle class and prosperity.[12] On a per-capita basis, Uruguay contributes more troops to United Nations peacekeeping missions than any other country.[12] It tops the rank of absence of terrorism, a unique position within South America. It ranks second in the region on economic freedomincome equality, per-capita income and inflows of FDI.[12] Uruguay is the third-best country on the continent in terms of HDIGDP growth,[14] innovation and infrastructure.[12] It is regarded as a high-income country by the UN.[13] Uruguay was also ranked the third-best in the world in e-Participation in 2014.[13] Uruguay is an important global exporter of combed woolricesoybeansfrozen beefmalt and milk.[12] Nearly 95% of Uruguay’s electricity comes from renewable energy, mostly hydroelectric facilities and wind parks.[15] Uruguay is a founding member of the United NationsOASMercosur and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Uruguay is regarded as one of the most socially progressive countries in Latin America.[16] It ranks high on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues[17] including its acceptance of LGBT people, ranking 5th in the world in the 2020 gay travel index.[18] The Economist named Uruguay “country of the year” in 2013,[19] acknowledging the policy of legalizing the production, sale and consumption of cannabisSame-sex marriage and abortion are also legal.

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