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Jun 6, 2021 | All, People

Kutlu Yurtseven founded the Microphone Mafia in 1989 with his friend from school and childhood, Rossi (Rosario Pennino). For almost 30 years they have been making music with changing line-ups and partners from the migrant and Cologne music scene through Germany, Europe and the whole world. Since 2007, the Microphone Mafia has been traveling through the cities with Auschwitz survivors Esther Bejarano and her son Joram Bejarano with up to 100 concerts a year. Together they do modern memory work that is emotional, haunting and empathic. The award of the Giesbert Lewin Prize for the joint work of Esther Bejarano and Microphone Mafia and the Kurt Hackenberg Prize 2014 for the political play “Die Lücke - Ein Stück Keupstraße” at the Schauspiel Köln, testify to the public recognition of his commitment.
Kutlu Yurtseven, born 1973, is a founding member of Microphone Mafia, raps in Turkish and German. After the NSU attacks, he took part in the "Keupstraße Ist Überall" initiative and took part in the play Die Lücke des Kölner Schauspiel. Kutlu Yurtseven works also as a full-time coordinator at a school in Germany and is very engaged dozens of youth projects that focus on culture, integration, and overcoming racism and hate.
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