Milen Vrabevski

Apr 12, 2019

Milen Vrabevski (Bulgarian: Милен Врабевски) is a Bulgarian businessman, philanthropist and patron of the arts. He is Founding Chairman of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation, established in 2007 to support educational initiatives focused on the values of national identity and European integration, as well as initiatives to preserve and popularize Bulgaria’s history and cultural heritage. Milen Vrabevski is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (2012) and European Citizens’ Prize laureate (2013). He is the CEO and owner of Comac Medical – contract research organization providing development, management and control of R&D projects in clinical medicine.

Milen Vrabevski is a doctor of medicine. He graduated from the English language class of the First Language School (1987) and the Medical University (1995) in his native city of Varna. He specialized in R&D project management and system audit in Germany, France, Great Britain and elsewhere (1996-2002). He founded Comac Medical (CRO/SMO) in 1997.

In 2002 Milen Vrabevski founded the Association for Good Clinical Practice and Clinical Research Development for the promotion of international ethical and quality assurance standards of clinical research management, and in support of implementing the EU GCP Directives into National legislation of the countries in Southeast Europe. He was a member of the Advisory Council Europe of the Drug Information Association (2006 -2009).

Milen Vrabevski is Founding Chairman of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation,[1] established in 2007 with a set of priorities and objectives, related to the cause of national prosperity in the perspective of European citizenship and the values of intercultural dialog – pluralism, tolerance, autonomy and consent. The program priorities of the foundation are in four main fields: 1. European integration and preservation of national awareness through initiatives for popularization of Bulgaria’s history and cultural heritage; 2. Initiatives to counter the demographic crisis in Bulgaria; 3. Reintegration of the Bulgarian communities from the historic diaspora; 4. Development of a knowledge economy and realization of young people in Bulgaria.

In 2010 Milen Vrabevski established the music production company Intelligent Music[2] in continuation of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation programme for popularization of the Bulgarian cultural heritage, contemporary music and performing arts. The aim of Intelligent Music is to create material featuring popular artists from the world of music and to promote Bulgarian music and culture abroad. Intelligent Music is listed in the Registry of Cultural Organizations at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Milen Vrabevski is European Citizens’ Prize laureate for 2013.[3] The same year he was awarded the Honorary Badge with Ribbon of the Mayor of Varna.[4] He has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative since 2012 and was awarded in 2011 by the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum “Man of the Year with an exceptional contribution to the cause of philanthropy in Bulgaria”.[5] In 2009 the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine elected him “Man of the Year” for his exceptional contribution to the promotion of the economic and cultural relations between Ukraine and Bulgaria. In 2012 the Governor of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, conferred the 20th Anniversary State Medal on him. In 2014 Milen Vrabevski received the special award “Individual Donor with Cause” of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation[6] and was elected “Enlightener of the Year” in a national campaign organized by radio FM+.[7] In 2016, Dr. Milen Vrabevski received the award “Pythagoras 2016”[8] of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES). Through his company “Comac Medical” he was awarded in the category “Company with the largest investments in science.” During the same year Dr. Vrabevski received also the distinction award “Apostle of the Bulgarian national traits 2016”[9] given to him for significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage. In 2017 Dr. Milen Vrabevski was awarded the honorary citizenship of Varna.[10]

More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milen_Vrabevski


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