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Theodosii Theodosiev

May 11, 2020 | All, People

Theodosii Sabev Theodosiev (born December 1, 1947), known as the “Golden Teacher” of Bulgaria, is an academician and an educator in Applied Mathematics and Physics. “Teo” – as he is known among his friends and students, began his over 40 year long illustrious academic career in the High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences “Nikola Obreshkov” in the city of Kazanlak, Bulgaria, where to the present day he continues to be the Head Teacher in Physics and Astronomy. It was namely there, where he laid the foundations of specialized education in Applied Mathematics and Physics, developed his innovative methodology in teaching which has become renowned as the “Methodology for the Development of Formidable Intellect” and founded his free, non-profit Academy for Students and Teachers, ubiquitously known as “The Academy of Teo”. The Academy builds, supports and develops the theoretical and practical bases for the advancement of education.

For his long-standing contributions, impactful accomplishments and achievements, Teo has been awarded multiple prizes, honors and distinctions, among which:

  • The Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius, First Class – an award conferred by the Republic of Bulgaria for extraordinary accomplishments and contributions in the fields of culture, arts, education and sciences,
  • The Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Second Class – an award conferred by the Republic of Bulgaria for accomplishments and contributions in the fields of education, culture and community center development,
  • The St. Neofit Rilski Award – highest award conferred by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Culture; awarded three times,
  • The Rayna Kandeva Award,
  • The Award of Foundation “Saints Cyril and Methodius” – conferred for extraordinary accomplishments for the discovery and development of young talent,
  • The Special Honors Award and Distinction of the Department of Physics, Sofia University, Bulgaria – conferred in recognition of his highest teaching accomplishments, preparing and developing the largest number of successfully admitted high school students to the Physics Department of Sofia University,
  • Congressional Medal of Honor from the Bulgarian Parliament – an honorary distinction and diploma conferred by the Bulgarian Parliament,
  • Honorary Citizen of The City of Kazanlak, Bulgaria – highest regional distinction conferred by the City of Kazanlak for his contribution in the field of education.

Theodosii Theodosiev is also an active community member with many community and social contributions, among which:

  • President of the “Club of Innovators in Education” of the Association of Bulgarian Teachers,
  • Former Member of the “High Advisory Counsel” of the Ministry of Education,
  • Former Member of the Governing Counsel of the Association of Physicists in Bulgaria,
  • Former Member of the Editorial Board of “Educational Policy Issues”, a national-level journal and magazine,
  • Former Member of the Editorial Board of the“Physics”journal and magazine,
  • Member of the Governing Counsel of Foundation “Minyu Balkanski”,
  • Member of the National Leadership Counsel of МЕГО – a non-profit organization with the mission to promote the development of social work that furthers „High moral standards, ethics, and social education“,
  • Member of the National Leadership Counsel of the “Nova Magnaura” Society – an organization working towards increasing transparency in the society,
  • Editor of multiple textbooks, workbooks and academic publications in Physics,
  • Author of hundreds of academic articles and publications in journals, magazines and media.

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