Thilo Mischke

Jun 14, 2021

When thinking about ´idols´ we often tend to name first-class celebrities, politicians, or famous activists. A journalist who’s not known worldwide wouldn’t come across our minds, usually. And if this journalist & author did publish controversial articles or even a whole book in the past, most likely we wouldn’t even think about him as an idol — simply because idols need to be perfect humans, don’t they?!

Well, Thilo Mischke in relation to the usual standards of an idol might be even more controversial than the book he wrote in the past. He’s a freelance journalist, born in the east of Germany, who stands out for documentaries about war, organized criminalism, drugs, and right-wing extremism which lead back to honest, unadorned journalism. He, his crew, and his work are brave, uncomfortable, on point, and selfless as his documentaries of dangerous places, people and organizations do show things that in mainstream media normally wouldn’t be seen or heard. Thilo Mischke is keen on documenting the truth, uncut and raw, trying not to convince anyone with a great story or his personal opinion but to get in dialogue with each and anyone instead, the good and bad, in order to understand their reasons for their way of living. His documentary about right-wing extremism in Germany might be the best example of his work so far as it not only leads to the exclusion of a right-wing politician out of his party but also showed how important communication with right-winged people is in order to probably change their point of view.

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Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. — Helen Keller

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Never rob your character to enrich your pocket. — 士 James Lendall Basford

Never rob your character to enrich your pocket.— 士 James Lendall Basford