Improving the world and evolving to a new stage of human development is actually not impossible. But overcoming our own weaknesses and vices is key to move to the next level.

We are on the brink of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, but if we want it to substantially improve our human society, we have also to rethink many areas, like education, economy, religion and finances, basically the way we live and work. 

Sounds like a big thing? It’s not. There are already plenty of ideas right on the table. Get acquainted with the topics below, find inspiration in our projects, or think of solutions yourself. 

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Concrete is the most spread construction material that uses a lot of energy to be produced and transported, but it is not lasting very long either. That’s why each building, bridge, or highway built today will last no more than a generation while the Egyptian pyramids and the medieval castles will outlive most of us humans.

The solution: Get ready to live and work in #WoodenSkyscrapers! Or in homes made from durable and eco-friendly #HempCrete. And drive on roads from #RecycledPlastic. Sounds futuristic? No. The technology exists — the pioneers just need to implement it.


Holy cow! How hungry we got in the developed countries. We are literally eating our way through life. And the meat industry is the second large carbon producer on the planet. Accompanied by sugar, alcohol and cigarettes even the round the year available fruits and vegetables cannot help us to keep a healthy diet.

The solution: We need mandatory Food Education in schools. Kids and grown ups have to know where their daily calories come from. We need conscious consumers that know what they buy. Nutrition has a huge impact on our health and can help saving billions on health insurances. And it does not have to be avocados, cashews and salmon every day either.


You name it, fashion, smartphones and black Fridays. While planned obsolescence was originally invented to help overcome the big recession, today most products does are outdated, brake apart or stop working within a few months — just to keep the factories busy. In some work robots, and in some work kids with toxic chemicals. A lot to rethink here as well.

The solution: Produce goods that last decades. Make them easy to fix, easy to upgrade, easy to recycle. Make them like a piece of Art. Make them expensive. Compete not in lower prices, but in better products. We from the 士 THE GOOD ONE movement created a hemp and steel apparel line — SAM士RAI — for good people and good causes. And you can do such products too!


Globalisation has brought us closer than ever before. Australia to America in less than a day. Japanese cars on german highways and Bratwurst on Hawaiian beaches — thats the bright side of the story. Cheating on emissions, not investing in innovations, and choking in smog is a totally different thing.

The solution: Investing in public transport and clean energy, promoting bicycles, not electro-scooters. And bringing back the greatest alternatives on short distance flights, the night-train. Even just more car sharing can drop our carbon emissions significantly.


Weekend in Paris or the Caribbean Cruise? Both of course. And in the Winter skiing in the Austrian Alps. Extensive travelling became one of the new symbols of modern society. But not only for leisure. People are flying round the globe for work and families are split on all continents. All this is leading to deep scars in the air, the land and the sea.

The solution:  Here it’s your turn … Join 士 THE GOOD ONE movement, find like-minded people and work on concepts, grow them to sustainable businesses, and help improve another industry.




We are fighting for a better tomorrow like modern musketeers and we are proud of uniting so many good people and good causes. One for all and all for one!

Get to know more about each project, the people behind it and how we contribute to a better world for all mankind.

Do you want to join forces? Your projects and ideas deserve to be supported by 士 THE GOOD ONE FAMILY? We are more than happy to hear from you!


100% HEMP & STEEL apparel and accessories — for good people and good causes. Designed to last for decades.

S A M 士 R A I  is NOT just a fashion brand. We are part of the global movement 士 THE GOOD ONE — home for tough people, and an umbrella for game-changing projects.

Hemp is an incredible plant with enormous possibilities in dozens of industries like fashion, food, construction, medicine and many more. It is by far the most durable plant fiber, it needs just a fraction of the water and energy cotton consumes, and no additional pesticides and fertilizers — it is simply a magic weed.

One of our goals is to bring hemp back to the world. Join our movement and help us to grow ideas that will improve the future for all humankind. Find the collection on samuraisociety.org


The NGO “Circular Economy Society” was founded to raise awareness for the need for a new economy that values not only the growth of money but cherishes our nature and our everyday resources as well.

Together with 士 THE GOOD ONE movement we advocate for banning unnecessary planned product obsolescence am moving to really sustainable products and services.

A good planet is hard to find — J. Heine



As a project of CES (Circular Economy Society), we are dedicated to bringing you products from 100% recycled materials like plastic, wood, textile, glass, paper and many more.

We strongly support the amazing global Precious Plastic Movement and with our first product (dumbbells for from recycled plastic caps), we set the start of our approach on how to use valuable materials like plastic, glass, wood, fabrics, and others over and over again. Order a custom product and find out more about all the possibilities on rererecycle.com


Meanwhile, it’s a fact — cigarette butts are one of the most toxic mass polluters on the planet! ФАСOFF is a Bulgarian national initiative that cleans public places like beaches and parks and raises awareness about the problem.

18 billion cigarettes are bought every day and approximately two-thirds of the butts end up in nature directly. That’s 6,5 trillion every year. Each of them containing a plastic core soaked with more than 4000 toxic elements, most of which are provoking cancer. And with rain, it goes deep in the soil, ends up in groundwater, and with the rivers, it flows into the oceans. Scientists are more than concerned at now it’s up to us to do our part — join us now.


Data is not just the new oil, data is the new energy — and only you should control it.

We believe in data privacy. We believe the users need to be in control of their data. We believe the users need to profit from the usage of the data they generate online.

We develop a software ecosystem to achieve all that. And at the same time, we help companies to be safe from data breaches and to be compliant with data regulations like GDPR.

Mimirium will be soon the major solution for all surveys and group decisions of 士 THE GOOD ONE movement. Find out more about Mimirium on mimirium.io


БИС/BIS (Благотворителност и Спорт / Charity and Sports) is a big national movement in Bulgaria that started back in 2014 and has now more than 20.000 participants, over 500 free outdoor trainings and beyond 50 charity causes.

Twelve dedicated instructors from all parts of Bulgaria give free outdoor training with hundreds of participants twice a week during the warmer season from April until October and together they are engaged in charities and causes like blood donation, Christmas gifts for kids in need, raising money for medical equipment, cleaning parks, and beaches and many other noble activities. What are you waiting for? Come and biswith.us!


VALDI.org is dedicated to bringing sports and healthy nutrition to the people in Germany and Bulgaria, motivate them to move to a healthy lifestyle, get the strength and resistance to succeed in today’s battles, and take an active part in charities and good projects.

Valentin Dimitrov is a guru and personal trainer. After long years in Bodybuilding and Fitness, he became also one of the founders of БИС/BIS, the big Bulgarian Charity and Sports movement and a passionate cook, who is planning his next big coup – personalized and healthy meal delivery. Got curious? Find out more on valdi.org


We know you are out there! Worthy people with noble ideas and decent projects. Join us now.

You know how to improve the financial system, the food industry, politics, tourism, and you have proven that you put words into action?

Then please join our movement! Together we can achieve great things for humankind. Join us now.


Bringing artists and consumers together in a platform that allows you to rent or subscribe to a plan where your art at home or your office can be exchanged on a regular basis. The new Rent-brandt or Share-onardo if you wish.

Sharing valuable, expensive or rarely needed products is not only acting responsibly, but an excellent example of what values society and economy should be built on. A win-win-win situation in every aspect:

First, artists of all backgrounds are sitting on hundreds of paintings, sculptures, illustrations, photographs, and other art objects, and have immense space problems to stockpile all their work that is not sold, which is the vast majority.

Second, there are many consumers that value art of any kind, but can not afford to pay for a few art pieces to enlighten their living space or workspace. But renting, or a subscription-based model would be very welcome.

Third, every piece of art that we haven’t ever seen is brand new to us, even if it is old for its creator. And by sharing original art, we ultimately educate society, spread values and provoke thinking, dialog, and opinion exchange. This is not only recycling art but spreading good and saving resources by not printing and distributing cheap copies of pseudo-art.

This project is still in the idea stage and despite that similar concepts already exist, one larger solution on this is still missing. We believe a willing team and funds are needed to bring this to life. Let’s do it!


Improving the world and fighting for a better future consumes a lot of resources — not just money. Here serious partners are needed. Accounting Group BG is dedicated to a lot of NGO’s and good projects. It is a safe haven for game-changing projects when it comes to financial and tax consulting and services. They keep the cash flowing and the system running. 

When it comes to money, you need partners with serious reliability and professionalism. But running charities, causes, and projects that want to change the system, you need a lot of good friends that you can trust blindly too. This is Accounting Group BG, a hub for good projects and the rock in the surf when it comes to the benjamins. Trust and friendship can not be bought, they have to be earned. So better be prepared. AccountingGroup.bg