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Let’s plan the obsolescence of “Planned Obsolescence”

Apr 17, 2020 | All, Solutions, We stand against

Planned obsolescence is the perfect example of what is not right in our society. Major companies, mostly from oligopoly structures are systemically planning the end of life in any product and thus it becoming nothing else than a waste of valuable natural resources and countless human work — all in the name of profit! If this is not wrong, then we are doomed. Let’s find ways out of this misery. Let’s find ways out of this misery. Let’s compete in building the longest-lasting products, with the highest quality, and with the most options to upgrade and recycle every single part, when needed. This is the way of 士 THE GOOD ONE.

While planned obsolescence is appealing to producers, it can also do significant harm to the society in the form of negative externalities. Continuously replacing products, rather than repairing them, creates more waste and pollution, uses more natural resources, and results in more consumer spending. Planned obsolescence can thus have a negative impact on the environment in aggregate. Even when planned obsolescence might help to save scarce resources per unit produced, it tends to increase output in aggregate, since due to laws of supply and demand, decreases in cost and price will eventually result in increases in demand and consumption. However, the negative environmental impacts of planned obsolescence are dependent also on the process of production,[34] as well as technical details pertaining to product disposal. Products that are difficult to disassemble can be very difficult to recycle properly.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_obsolescence


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